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After a long hiatus I am finally back, and have updated the site.  Check back often for tournament info, and updates.


Jim solo's for the win and takes the early season points lead

Cinco de Mayo was slow on Lake Parley, but Jim D single handedly conquered the field landing the only fish of the event, a bullhead caught along the edge of the cat tails.  Speculation is that due to the late ice out the crappies have not yet moved up shallow to spawn. 


Its that time of year again.  The major ice fishing seasons have closed, the days are getting longer, and the fishermen are starting to get a little antzy for the open water.  That means it is time to begin thinking about the South Metro MSFL.  If you are interested in getting involved please visit our lake state fishing thread and weigh in.


NO ONE WINS on Lake Pepin

I am ashamed to say that we all struck out on Lake Pepin.  Not a single keeper of any species was boated.  Everyone targeted Eyes, when the pike were on the feed as we found out upon returning to the cleaning station to find a guy cleaning 3, 30" plus snakes.


Jim and Nate Take the Win

Jim also known as Bluestreak and Nate who is apparently itchy... take the win on Prior lake.  All it took was one monster 19" bass to do it on a night where no other boat managed to boat a single fish over 12".  Many shorts were caught by all, but big fish were hard to come by.  Nice fish Nate.


Jody and Matt Triumph on Lake Riley

Jody and Matt boat a bag of 4 small bass to take the win on Riley over Josh and Chris's two bass bag.  Chris maintains a slim 6 point lead in the season points standings going into this weeks event on prior lake. 


Josh Raises the Bar

Josh produced an impressive 5 bass bag scoring 32 points and probably weighing in excess of 15 pounds on Lotus lake.  That is now three weeks in a row that record bags of fish have been boated by three different boats.  Despite the hot weather as of late we are catching more fish than ever, and Josh is leading the way as the new season points leader and undisputed bass master (for now). 


Eric and Meredith take charge on Bryant Lake

The new guys won in convincing fashion today scoring a whopping 26 points off 4 very nice bass.  This ties the league record for most points scored in one night, and is certainly an impressive debut outing for this new team.


Jody and Matt take apart Tonka

Despite some strong winds and a regatta of sailboats congesting the lake, Minnetonka gave up some fish tonight.  Jim predicted he would win on Minnetonka, but didn't count on Matt and Jody exploding for 26 points in the highest scoring night in league history. 


Josh and Chris harvest a win on Orchard lake

In a rookie move Jody and Matt left their rule sheet in the car, and thought the minimum size for pike was 24" and 14" for bass.  So they released  23" and 18" pike and a 13" bass thinking they were too small.  After releasing 13 points worth of fish they lost to Josh, and Chris with one 12" bass scoring 4 points.  Good fishing Josh and Chris, next time I'll try bringing my fish back to the measure in. 


Josh and Nate Dominate on Bryant Lake

One fish was all it took to bring home the win on Bryant lake, but it was a monster.  Josh's 20" largemouth scored him 15 points and was enough to hold off Jody's 27" Northern which was 1" short of tying for the win.  Josh is putting together an impressive record scoring 30 points in just two events, and vaulting into second overall for the season.  5 events into the season, and its still anyone's game.  One big bag could still be enough for anyone to take the lead. 


SomeGuy102 and Striker007 bring it home on the secret lake

We finally got some good weather for this lakes tourney, and as predicted by Someguy102 there were far more points scored tonight than the rest of the season combined.  The point totals for tonight were 18.5 by Someguy and Striker.  Their catch was made up of 1 bass (the big fish winner), and 17 sunnies over 7 inches.  In second place was team Vikingmeatwad with a score of 15 points including two nice bass, and two sunnies.  In third place was Bluestreak (master of the quick release) who fished by himself tonight.  He managed one 26" Northern scoring him 12 points after taking into account his 1.5x solo multiplier.  Good fishing tonight guys see you next week on Bryant Lake in Eden Prairie. 


CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER - Rescheduled for Tuesday the 5th.  Same lake same time.


No one wins at the Spring Lake Special!

The weather turned cold on us, the wind blew, and the fish had lock jaw...  A rough day was had by all on the chilly windy rough day out on spring lake.  A few small fish were boated, but nothing large enough to score.  WadeBanks and Bob scared us all when they proclaimed that they had a 7" sunny to measure in, but upon further inspection it was found to be 1/8 of an inch shy. 


Bluestreak and UNDGuy inch by SomeGuy and WadeBanks in Jims Walleye Warrior Jamboree

Bluestreak and UNDGuy win with a catch of two crappies and one perch for a total score of three points.  SomeGuy and WadeBanks were only able to manage two sunfish in this tourney for a score of two points.  It should be noted that after the measure in both teams went back out, and caught a mess of walleye including 17" and 19" lunkers boated by WadeBanks. 


SomeGuy and WadeBanks conquer Chris's crappie contest at Lake Parley!

SomeGuy and WadeBanks were able to find the larger fish tonight in their victory.  Measuring in 4, 9"plus crappie and a monster 8.5" sunny SomeGuy and Wade banks topped the defending champions Bluestreak and UNDguy who were only able to come up with one crappie over the minimum size requirement. 


Bluestreak and UNDGuy triumph in the Minnetonka Masters Crappie Contest! 

In the first ever South Metro Multi-Species Fishing League event, Bluestreak and UNDGuy triumph over a three team field with a combined total score of 1 point.  That's right, they caught the ONLY fish that me the minimum size requirements.  Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.  Good luck to everyone next week on Parley.  Lets step it up.  One fish should never win this contest.